My Yoga Bio

Tiffany Thompson sampled her first yoga classes at the age of 19, but it wasn’t love at first Ommm.  Her passion for yoga began to grow nearly 10 years later as she traveled the world living out her own version of “Eat, Pray, Love”.  After spending a year immersing herself in different cultures, volunteering and becoming entrenched in the yoga community Tiffany decided to take her yoga practice to the next level.  Tiffany received her 200 hr Hatha Teaching Certification through Yoga In the World RYS under the instruction of Anayara Caledron and Marina De Lima in Morocco.  Yoga in the World was an ideal fit because it coupled an intensive teacher training with a yoga driven community service project.  Tiffany’s passion project is to teach at risk teens how yoga can help them find strength and inner peace when they need it most. 

Tiffany teaches classes that incorporate high intensity yoga flows, comprehensive core exercises and dynamic stretches.  Come to her classes prepared to sweat, burn and bend in ways you never thought you could.  Off the mat, you’ll most likely find Tiffany outdoors with her 10 favorite furry people including her “not so mini piggy” named Ziggy and her 5 Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  I you haven't had a chance to come to one of her Goat Yoga Classes, please plan to come by in January!

Stay tuned for exclusive yoga events designed to bring yogis together to practice, play and mingle.  Also, stay tuned for exclusive yoga events including adult beverages, Inversions and possible farm animals…but not at the same time 😉

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